Is it possible to straighten a rim instead of buying a new one? Yes we can!

Rims get bent every day by impacts, usually caused by potholes or curbs. Sometimes it can just cause a slight bend in the lip of the wheel rim. Othertimes it can be a large bend which causes the tire to loose air.

Looks like it is time to buy a new rim, right? Wrong! We are able to straighten rims!

Wheel straightening technology was originally developed for steel wheels around the beginning of the last century. When aluminum alloy rims began to become popular in theUnited States, many people tried to fix them using steel wheel technology. It didn’t work and usually causes worse damage to the rim. Many people in the auto business still consider it “common knowledge” that aluminum rims cannot be straightened once bent, or those bent aluminum wheels can simply be “hammered out.” Neither is true.

 We use hydraulic pressure and customized tools to straighten aluminum alloy or steel rims to factory specifications. Our process is both an art and a science, and only qualified technicians will work on your rims.

We are fully equipped to take all four rims off your car and check each rim individually for damage, as well as to mount and balance the tires after straightening. Checking all four rims and straightening any that need repair generally takes 1-2 hours, by appointment or 1-2 days if the rims are dropped off.


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