Preventative Maintenance- It Just Makes Sense

Many of us have heard the idiom, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is an expression means that is much easier to avoid problems in the first place, rather than trying to fix them once they arise.

This concept is one that I feel can be directly tied to your vehicle and it’s maintenance. Often times big problems can be solved quickly and far less expensively early on versus when something catastrophic happens to your vehicle.

One easy way to ensure that you stay ahead of the 8 ball is to have a basic vehicle inspection with every oil change. When you do this not only are you able to catch little problems (like leaks) when they are still little problems, but you are also able to know ahead of time that larger repairs are coming (note that tie rods are wearing, or bushings are going bad, for example…).

Make sure that you partner with a service station that makes periodic maintenance a priority. At Fox and Fox we include a free 32 point inspection with your oil change. If you haven’t had your vehicle serviced here in the past, we recommend you get a comprehensive vehicle inspection to give you a good picture of your vehicle’s health.  Consider our pre-purchase inspection, family roadtrip/ back to school vehicle check up, or seasonal vehicle check up packages.

It is just common sense that a well maintained vehicle is a long lasting vehicle. At Fox and Fox we understand that and we appreciate the priviledge to be your Total Care Care Professionals.


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