Why New Year’s Day is a big day for car thieves

By: Jerry Edgerton
If you celebrate too much on New Year’s Eve, by all means take a taxi home. But make sure you aren’t leaving your own car vulnerable to be stolen.Thieves steal more cars on New Year’s Day than any other holiday, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau -2,347 last New Year’s. Many cars are sitting in parking lots or other locations away from home, some of them unlocked.

“Thieves never miss an opportunity to make a quick buck by stealing a car. They work nights, weekends and holidays,” cautions Joe Wehrle, president of the NICB.

After New Year’s Day, the holiday with the most auto theft is Memorial Day. The day with more car thefts than any other is a shifting date in the summer, usually in July or August.

If you want to have a good time on New Year’s Eve and not have a missing car be part of the hangover, follow these tips:

— Leave your car at home. Take a taxi or mass transit to your celebration. Or, if you have a selfless friend, go with a designated driver.

— If you do drive and leave your car, make sure it is locked and the alarm is activated.

— Park the car in a well-lighted, very visible place.

— Don’t leave holiday presents or other attractive targets in the car that could lure a thief to break in.

Plan your New Year’s Eve carefully. For sure, don’t get in an accident or arrested for drunk driving. But don’t get your car stolen either.


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