Ever since I saw Johnny 5 in Short Circut as kid, robotics has been a pet interest of mine. Just the idea that it was possible to create something that was responsive to it’s environment was so interesting. 

Like most kids, I didn’t quite understand the difference between fantasy and reality- I thought that maybe someday I could have a Johnny 5 of my own. And I have to admit, being an only child, the idea of having a constant playmate sounded pretty cool.

As I grew up, cars also became an interest of mine. I suppose that is a little odd for young girls, but considering I grew up around cars, technicians, and was pretty curious… it makes sense that I would want to make sense of all the jargon that surrounded me.

 So you can imagine my excitement when I saw Tom Vanderbuilt’s article in Wired Magazine dealing with automated vehicles that drive themselves! Although they don’t talk or have a cute face like Johnny, they are still really cool technology and I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Even if self driving vehicles seem scary versus exciting, I still recommend that you take time to check out this article. Afterall, it’s good to know the latest advancements and what might be coming around the corner for us mainstreamers.

Happy Reading!


Let the Robot Drive:

The Autonomous Car of the Future Is Here


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